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Sunday, 13 November 2011

Pennington Flash

Back to a bit of normality with this post and back to birds.

As much as I like photographing all sorts of things its birds that really do it for me and there's no better feeling when you go through your images back at home and you find that really nice shot you hoped for.

I didn't get that perfect shot today, but considering the little light we had I'm pleased with the results.

First pics are a Blue tit..

Second set of shots are a Robin..

And now the main reason that I went to Pennington Flash which was to photograph Bullfinch as I haven't got that shot that I really want, and still haven't, great excuse to go back again on a nicer day.

Other birds seen today where Magpie (pic below), Greenfinch (pic below) and Marsh Tit which to the best of my ability I just couldn't get a photo, I do have a nice set of twig photos if anyones interested :)

All photo's taken with Nikon D70 + Sigma 170-500mm

You can click on any image to view the whole set in lightbox.

Hope you liked the photo's.



  1. They are beautiful, but, the Bullfinch is my favourite, superb bird.

  2. I certainly do enjoy and appreciate all your photos you share. Love the subjects and vivid colors and how crisp all the photos are.
    maria urso

  3. You have such wonderful colorful birds over there! I love the 2nd one of the Blue Tit and I always enjoy your Robins....much daintier and more colorful than ours. That Bulfinch and the Magpie are very stunning! Great shots!

  4. Mike, just wanted to pop by to say Hello and thanks for all the comments and chat we have exchanged over the last five years :-)

    Great photos here - I do love to see your bird photos in particular. I’d love to get a photo (any standard) of a bullfinch visiting my garden. That bird is still on the wish list as a possible garden visitor. Maybe one day. Last week we had a Treecreeper and that’s been exciting!

    Keep your photos coming Mike, they always inspire me :-D

  5. What a wonderful, wonderful collection of stunning images of three of my favourite little birds. I haven't seen a bullfinch since we were last in Europe in the winter and I fed them on our windowsill.
    Gorgeous shot of that handsome magpie as well.

    Wishing you a wonderful bird filled 2012 and great fun snapping them all up!