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Wednesday, 21 October 2009


Well my plan to get back into birds hasn't kicked off to a great start I definitely need to visit some of the local reserves and see whats about.

Anyway for now and getting into the Autumn Watch spirit we decided to head up to the lake district over the weekend and take some Autumnal shots, here are a few I took which I hope you like, the smaller images can be viewed larger if clicked, but best to wait for the page to finish loading before clicking them.

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Finally and something completely different, the Queen Mary 2 docked in Liverpool yesterday as part of its the tour of the UK, something I just had to go and see.

Here's the one photo out of 50 that came out ok.

All photos taken with Nikon D70 and Nikkor 28-100mm

I will try again and hopefully my next post will have some birds in it.

Thanks to everyone who still keeps dropping by and commenting.



  1. Excellent Mike and I guess we have to wait a bit more for the birds shots then! Meanwhile this set of pictures is very nice and I particularly like the three first one!!!

  2. That first shot is so stunning. I never think of just grey as being so beautiful, but the differnt shades of it here are really pretty. Nice shot of the Queen Mary 2! 1 out of 50 is better than none :-) I like that photo of the stones in the smaller images.

  3. Like this series Mike. The trees are slow this year, I keep waiting but the wind looks like ruining the autumn show.
    QM2, fantastic.

  4. I like all of your autumnal shots Mike. I really prefer the color shots. The B&W looks rather like a dream. Not quite a night mare but not quite a happy place either. Just sort of there. Of course your workmanship is great. Just my weird way of looking at them.

    Aren't you glad for digital technology? You can take many many photos to get one terrific photo without worrying about the cost.

  5. Thanks guys very kind, must add tho the 1st two photos are in colour this is just the way they came out in the afternoon light. Although maybe I should look into black and white landscapes. Cheers.

  6. still a while till winter is over Mike! looking forward to some birds on snowy backgraounds ?

  7. Great stuff there Mike. I've been downloading Autumnwatch from by the way :-)

  8. Amazing series Mike, I liked this diversion from bird images.