Sunday, 13 September 2009

Early morning walk

Something I have wanted to do for a while now is get up early and get out walking.

This morning I did just that, although when I say early I am only talking 7 am which for me on a Sunday is not only early its unheard of :)

The plan was to head for Mere Sands Wood first which was unfortunately locked up, so we headed to Marshside (RSPB site) , the following where taken at Marshside and are things which caught my eye.

And finally from Marshside a bird, that's right I know its been a while, this Wren came in close along the path between hides, which made the early start worthwhile.

Also seen at Marshside this morning where 8 Snipe, 4 Wigeon, 12 Golden Plover, 80+ Godwit all out of camera range.

The final shot was from Mere Sands and just stood out, birds seen here where 4 Nuthatch (all together), Various Warblers and your usual Tits and Chaffinch.

Photos taken with Nikon D70 + Sigma 170-500mm

It realy is the best time of day to be out and I can fully understand why people do it daily.

Hope you liked the pics.



  1. Hi MIke,
    Unfortunately, I guess like all nature photographers will say, the best light and the best opportunity for beautiful shots is very early in the morning.. That's something impossible for me except when I'm in holidays... Her in Iceland, I only got out during the evening! I cannot go out of my bed early, knowing that cold and darkness will wait for me!
    But for you, it looks like it has been a nice trip with nice pictures, especially the one from the wren.

  2. The best time of the day! I love dawn walks. Lovely pictures.

  3. Hi Mike lovely Images,love Spiders web.
    I also love the early mornings,very rewarding at times.

  4. Great time of the day. Love those spider threads caught by the mist.
    Cracking shot of the Wren too.

  5. I did indeed enjoy the pics Mike. I got a photo of a wren on my blog today - nothing like as good as yours though!!

  6. Thanks guys, only wish I could get out a bit more, just mad busy at the moment. Mike.

  7. Great set of photographs. Time we had an early start.

  8. I just love those cobwebs Mike, and you did the little Wren justice mate !

  9. I am so glad you got out and about early. These moody (foggy) photos are gorgeous. The spider web is marvelous too. I hope you do this again. You must be a night owl.

  10. Hi Mike. Love the misty morning shots, the web & the Wren. Definitely worth all the effort. FAB

  11. Thanks everyone really appreciate your kind comments.

  12. Your early morning walk seems to have been very productive! I'm always saying I will get out early, but never seem to make it. The misty shots and the spiderwebs are really great...very moody. Love the little wren.