Sunday, 19 July 2009

Resting Songy

Just a quick post, before fingers crossed the rain holds off and I can get out later to Formby.

I am hoping to see some Red Squirrels which are making a slow come back since they where nearly wiped out by Squirrel Pox and then possibly down to the dunes for more butterflies, but its all on the weather...

I am also going to try a different macro adapter, normally I use a x4, but tonight I am just going to try a x2 I am hoping this will get similar results without having to get as close, I can only try.

So for todays photo, I spotted this resting song thrush this morning and couldn't resist.
Photo taken with Nikon D70 + Sigma 170-500mm @ 500mm

So all going well I will try and do another post later or tomorrow depending on how long it takes to go through and edit the pics.



  1. Its a cracking Songthrush mike, looks like a bird fledged this year.

  2. Hi Mike, taken a few wet shots myself lately. I'am pleased to say better out than in.
    wild life still goes on.
    Great effort,well done.

  3. Goad you posted this cute bird :-) Will look forward to the squirrels and butterflies.

  4. Thanks, guys sadly I went to Formby and didn't see a single squirrel think it will be a long time before number are back to what they used to be, and no butterflys either plenty of catapillas tho, maybe next time.

  5. Nice shot Mike, the overall wet background adds to the effect.