Saturday, 25 July 2009

10 mins in the garden

I had a quick 10 mins in the garden this morning whilst the sun was out, I am starting to think the sun is somehow connected to my camera, no sooner have I picked it up the sun goes in :)

Anyhow I made the most of about 10 mins of sun and managed to photograph a couple of birds.

The first two pics are a juvenile Great Tit and the final pic is a Robin, hope you like them.
Photo taken with Nikon D70 + Sigma 170-500mm @ 450mm

I have a load of work to do this weekend so it's unlikely I will get out and about, but who knows if I get it finished I'll be out.



  1. LOL... Yes Mike I have thought that a few times! Wonderful shots once again. It's sunny here at the moment so I may go out in the garden to do some tidy-up later... without my camera! Wishing you a great weekend :-D

  2. Great pics as always Mike. You've really captured the light in the eyes of that Great tit.

  3. How could we not like them?? Perfect as usual! I'm glad you got a little sunshine and hope you see some more soon.

  4. These birds look as if they could leap off the screen. Great! Don't work too hard this weekend.

  5. Stunning images, they look more like macro shots that telephoto shots, Awesome clarity.

  6. WOW thank you all very much for your comments the young birds are now coming in in great numbers so hopefully I will have more to post. Mike.