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Monday, 5 January 2009


I have had a couple of comments now regarding the noise when shooting at hi ISO so I thought I would give you the program that I use.

Its a free download and adds as a filter in Photoshop or can be used on its own.

Choose the relevent download and away you go (Usually 32bit as this as the standalone part).

Hope this is of use, I use it on nearly every photo I take, it not only reduces noise, but sharpens at the same time. Very handy to have.

Remember less is more and not to over do it.

Sorry if this is something everyone knows about.



  1. I don't know what you are talking about. I am a point and shoot kind of lady. Hope you survived the holidays.

  2. I did thanks Lisa, hope you had a nice break too.

  3. Noise is a problem with any of my cameras or lenses -- all Canon stuff. I also have Photoshop and that helps but sometimes I will still have to blur the backgrounds. I appreciate your noticing that comment I left the other day and will download this and try it out. Thanks, Mike.

  4. I just finished downloading the program, Mike, and put a couple of photos through it and wow. I am impressed. Very impressed. It is also on Photoshop but I haven't been able to locate it yet. LOL I will check and find it there too and use it through that program probably.

  5. I think you will see a bid difference Abe I certainly did, especially with it being dull 300 days of the year here.

  6. I have noticed the demo version sort of takes over the computer and everytime I click on a picture instead of that opening I get a message about the neat image URL. I don't much like that and am wondering if you have paid for your copy and is that different?

  7. Hi Abe, no I use the same download, although I do only use it through PS Elements 5. Maybe it as changed your default photo application, maybe worth a look, right click on the file and choose open with and see which app is set as default, hope this helps.

  8. My right click opens Photoshop CS4 as default. The problem occurs when you left click on an image, say on the desktop, then you get this message:

    "This is a Demo edition of Neat Image with limited functionality. Please visit to read about fully functional editions of Neat Image."

    So, left click, which I always use to open images, no longer works. The message above replaces it. I was wondering if you know of a workaround?

  9. Hi Abe, Sorry this is something I have never come across and I have it installed on both XP & Vista.
    When opening Neatimage I always get a box which say its a demo and click OK to continue, but double clicking with the left button always opens images in PS as default. I have checked and it is fully compatible with CS4 so not sure what to suggest other than uninstalling and poss try again.

  10. As much as I like it I am getting the left mouse click problem and so have taken it off. I am using Photoshop and also Paint Shop Pro Ultimate. I have a couple of examples on some of my new blogs and still have the old blogs too.

    I still have the old blogs but I also have new ones Abe Lincoln Blogs and also look at Abraham Lincoln's Blog