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Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Formby Fox

After a pretty good day on Sunday, I thought that we would go to Formby Point this evening to see if I could photograph some Red Squirrels, sadly I didn't see a single one. After reading a notice that was up it appears since Nov 07 the Squirrels have been catching a form of Squirrel Pox, which so far has wiped out around 28no.

Below is a shot of the path which runs through the woods and takes you right down to the beach.

Not all was lost, as we got out of the car the fox was right there in front of us, looking rather thin and his right eye wasn't looking too clever either.

He must be so used to human traffic as he just walked by, I'm unsure if this is the same fox as on BBC's Autumn Watch, you can see my original shots HERE from last year, but it does have some similar characteristics - slight limp, sticky eye and thin, I can't imagine it's catching much food, seems a little too slow.

Here are the shots from tonight.

All photos taken 15/07/2008.


  1. Wow - Mike! Those are simply gorgeous! And that was a wild fox? Then he truly was accustomed to human presence!
    Wonderful images - colors, light and poses are picture perfect! Kudos!
    Cheers, Klaus

  2. Hi Klaus, thanks for your comment, it is wild, but is present all the time and sadly I think it's living on the nuts people feed to the squirrels.

  3. These are wonderful photos and so closeup. I think the fox loooks lovely. I have been watching a fox lately for I have discovered that one has a den very near by with two young kits. I have seen the adult several times now but am still waiting to get a family picture. Hopefully I will manage one some time soon. And yes, they must get hungry. The one I saw earlier this week had a crow in its mouth.

  4. The poor fox. You would think that this time of year it would be in marvelous shape. Maybe its main food supply, squirrels, are being descimated. I hope it finds an alternative to fatten it up for the winter soon. Great pictures.

  5. These are really beautiful shots. I feel as thought I could reach out and touch it they're so clear.

  6. WOW!! He's really beautiful. Nice of him to cooperate. Your pictures are awesome.

  7. It does appear awfully tame to let you so near. That second shot with the turned head is great. Poor thing looks like it needs a good meal. I didn't realize there were so many different colors in their fur. It looks very content in that last shot :-)

  8. What wonderful shots. That fox is just beautiful. What a capture. Thanks for sharing it with all of us. Well done, as usual.

  9. Hi everyone, thanks for your comments, I would loved to have given this little fella a good meal, but he is surviving on something and nature will take its coarse I suppose.

  10. Wow. First time visitor here. Your photography is stunning.

  11. Great pics again mike!
    Your last blog was very enjoyable. That reed warbler photo was real cool. How did you manage to get it to keep still!!

  12. I would love to have a walk down that pathway and capture some of the natural beauty!

    Hey... I come there to photograph the foxes and you come to Africa to photograph the lions!! :)

    Stunning images!

  13. These shots are just outrageously good. You do very nice work. Very nice indeed!