Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Garden & Drive

The first couple of shots where taken on my lunch today, I popped home and got the camera out determined to see the Blackcap, but no joy.

I was pleased though to get the Dunnock in the first photo, I think this is the first one not to over expose.
Second set of shots are of a lonely Wheatear my wife spotted whilst driving across Plex Moss this evening, we also saw something in the region of 40 Whimbrel and Curlew all mixed together, but where sadly too far away to get any shot.

All photos taken 29/04/2008


  1. Beautiful pictures, Mike! We don't have any of the birds in your pictures.

  2. We have a Northern Wheatear here in North America. I had to go to Alaska to see it though. Your picture looks like the female of our species. It may be the same.

    Great pictures. I wish I could hear the Dunnock call and the Tits too.

  3. That second photos is great. It is a wonderful shot. They are all great. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  4. Wonderful shots as always! That Dunnock is stunning and the Wheatear is really pretty, too! Like Sandpiper says: We don't have any of these! I always like the little Bluetits...so colorful and perky looking.

  5. Great view in the second photo. Love the blue hair :-) Nice looking bird.

  6. Hi Mike! As always, I love to see the birds you capture in photos as they are so different! Keep up the wonderful work.
    Incredible shots!!

  7. Hi there Mike, sorry it has been so long :-)

    Looking at the photos of your dunnock I am wondering if it is a juvenile. I thought I had juveniles by they way the explored my garden. The blue feathers in yours makes me wonder.

    You are coming to Scotland - I hope you don't get the hail stones we had today. You have me curious now - can I ask where you are going :-D

    Have a great weekend and as I live in Scotland - I hope you enjoy your visit :-D