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Sunday, 16 March 2008

Mere Sands

Mere Sands Wood is a great reserve not too far from Martin Mere, it has 5 hides and 3 large lakes and a woodland path which takes you right around the reserve.

I decided to go this afternoon following reports of sightings of a Night Heron, which was there today, unfortunately I could only see the back of it mixed amongst thick branches, but the place was busier than I had ever seen, the Heron had caused quite a stir.

Whilst sat in the hide near where the Heron was, I was watching a pair of Great Crested Grebes a stunning bird, here are the shots I got.

I was lucky enough whilst sat there to see both male & female come together and start displaying, nodding and shaking their heads at the same time like the perfect mirror image.
Here they are..You can see more photos of the Grebes HERE.

After sitting in this same hide for over an hour I moved around to another hide behind the reserve centre, I was told when I got there that a Water Rail had been seen, this was a first for me I had never seen one before and managed to photograph it ..

Another couple of birds seen near the centre was a female Reed Bunting and finally a Nuthatch (one of my favourite birds). I am still hoping the Nuthatch will visit my garden again for some better closeup shots.
All photos taken 19/03/2008.


  1. Hi there Mike, what great shots - well worth the trip!

    I particularly liked the Great Crested Grebe pair nodding amongst the plants. Lovely colours and reflections. It is great what attention a new visitor can get - maybe you'll get shots of the NIght Heron another time :-D

    I've had a bit of a stir in my garden over the weekend too :-D

  2. Wow what good luck to get a lifer as well as seeing the Great Crested Grebes doing their mating dance. Those crests are quite attractive when all poofed up.

    That bunting looks a lot like a sparrow.

  3. Mike, I just went over and looked at the Great Crested Grebe pictures at the other site. WOW and double WOW. I think they look like love birds in the second or was it the third shot. That will make a good Valentine card next year. :) Great job.

  4. Hi shirl, Thanks for your comment, I would love to get a photo of the Heron although I only saw it from the back and a little of its face through my bins it looked stunning.

    Hi Lisa, Thank you for your kind comments and for checking out my gallery, you got me thinking about the reed bunting and I had to double check my Id but its looking like it is definately a Reed Bunting.

  5. The Grebe photos are stunning!! Absolutely beautiful! As is the Reed Bunting photo also.

  6. Wonderful shots! I don't know which one to comment on! The grebes sequence was beautiful. What lovely birds they are. I felt like I was there watching them. The Reed Bunting is cute and I love nuthatches of any sort! Very nice post!

  7. WOW! I've never seen those Grebes before. Terrific shots, and with their color being so similar to the dark water, it's amazing you were able to bring them to life so beautifully in your photos. All of these pictures are fantastic, Mike! Thanks.

  8. Mike that shot of the water rail is superb,especially as you never get much of a chance to photo these elusive birds!

  9. Wow thanks everyone for your kind comments, It was a good afternoon birding and there was a bit of sunshine which always helps. Mike.

  10. I have never seen the Grebe before. Wonderful post and great photos. Stop by and check out my photos from Iowa if you get a chance. Very nice photos. Thanks for sharing them.

  11. Mike, there is no better way to describe your shots other than, BREATHTAKING!! Good luck with your Nuthatch! I love the water drops in the first shot. You leave me with my jaw dropped!

  12. I found your remarkable photos through a link from aunt b's backyard. These are astonishing! I have used your lens and love it, but have never seen results like these! I am amazed and delighted to have found your blog. I'll be back.

  13. Hi, I came over here from Sandpiper's blog. I am agog over the crested grebes! I have never seen this variety--could I be more envious? And the photos are perfect!

    I'll be back!

  14. Beautiful shots Mike. I especially love the second and third photographs.

  15. Wow, very nice photographs indeed, Ive never seen these birds so close. sharp and precise. very good work.

  16. Beautiful photos. My favorites are the grebes.. Wonderful work. I also us a sigma lens, but mine is on a canon camera and it is a 50-500mm. Love the photos thanks for sharing!