Monday, 23 February 2015

Garden visitors

Just a few shots from the weekend.

We recently had two Goldcrest visit the garden, they have been coming and going during the week, so this weekend I spent most of Saturday waiting for them to come back, typically no show.

During the wait we had a number of different common garden visitors, here are a couple of pics.

Great tit first, enjoying my sunflower hearts:

Secondly a Song Thrush:

Bit noisy, but hope for better light next weekend.

Hope you liked the pics.


Sunday, 8 February 2015

Mere Sands Wood

Its been a while since my last post.

We had planned for over a week to get out today and go to Mere Sands because the weather albeit cold has been nice and bright.

Not today though, heavy fog and mist was obscuring anything at distance.  That said I managed to get a couple of shots of a Reed bunting and shoveler duck.

Here are the shots of the Reed bunting.

And the Shoveler duck, the last two photos where just before the duck landed on the frozen lake and went for a slide.

Hope you liked the pics.


Sunday, 23 March 2014

Camera is fixed.

Well after buying my new camera and trying to stick with the manual focus, I gave in.

The D70 is fixed and touch wood will last me a bit longer.

Typically though there was hardly anything about to give it a test run so Squirrels it was.

Here are a couple of shots from this afternoon.

Hope you like the pics and hopefully I will be posting more.

Cheers,  Mike.